ZF transmission

ZF transmissions


Machine Does Not Move



Low or no transmission pressure See Transmission Pressure is low (all gears) or Transmission Pressure is low (one or two gears)
Service brakes will not release Do Brake Pedal Operational Check. Do Service and Park Brake System Drag Checks
Park brake applied or parkswitch misadjusted Adjust park brake switch
Stuck control valve spool Check shift linkage operation. Disconnect shift linkage from control valve spool and check linkage movement.
Failed torque converter Do Torque Converter Stall Test. If engine pulldown is normal, torque converter is good
Broken shafts or gears Drain transmission to determine if large pieces of metal contamination are present
Broken drive shafts Inspect drive shafts and universal joints for external damage. Repair
Broken ring or pinion gear If drive shafts rotate with transmission in gear but unit does not move, a differential failure is indicated. Repair


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